Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 4-17-2020 – CV-19 Global Wag The Dog Psyops

Global Psyops, CV-19, Nanobots, Vaccines, Gotham Shield 2020, False Flags & More…


The evidence is rapidly accumulating that the Covid-19 is a psyops project that should be called PROJECT FEAR, to instill maximum fear all over the world so the world can be SHUT DOWN, and the people ISOLATED, the economy DESTROYED in preparation for digital currency and the vaccine MARK OF THE BEAST to be administered door to door,  and FEMA Executive Orders can slowly be activated in Babylon. We now know the death rate numbers have been increased by recording Covid-19 on death certificates even if that was not the cause. The only reason such an evil thing would be done is to create massive fear which has been highly successful all over the world. The so-called “relaxing” of the shut-down may well be to create even more “infections” as then an even more draconian shutdowns all over America will be accepted. However, protests are being mounted in a number of states and it appears to be spreading rapidly – and Governors are ignoring them. The next step will be RIOTS, and then FULL MARTIAL LAW and lockdown. Perhaps also a massive nuclear false flag event, asteroid impacts, or whatever else the Lord allows as JUDGMENT comes for there is no REPENTANCE in the land, worldly or Godly…and more…









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  1. Stewart, the donate button will not allow me to make a donation with my visa debit card. This is not the first time this has happened. You may wish to check into this.


  2. I am wondering if the ads about “giving your blood” is a coded message (of mockery) as to what they have in store for the sheeple?

    Thank you for the show! God bless you all!


  3. People are so wrapped up in the Beast System, the fear comes from the fallout of unpaid debt. They’ll go along because they don’t want to incur the wrath of their nourishing mother.


  4. “Live exercise” says Mike Pompeo (3/20/2020 conference)

    President says under his breath “you should have let us know.”


    • At first I thought Trump was sort of stuttering his first words, but after listening to this several times, it sounds like he says “Sure is, should’ve let us know”. Fascinating. He must have known it would be recorded.


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