Psalm Two tells us flat out that there is massive conspiracy to RULE THE WORLD and bring in draconian concepts to control everyone – and I have long said CHINA is the model for the New World Order, and their Social Credit System is the total lockdown system to control everyone through total control of food and money. It will be a social credits system on steroids called the MARK OF THE BEAST.

Already a group of globalists under Bill Gates (now controlling America) are calling for vaccines and a nanobot MARK that must be given to everyone to prove they are “immune” and can be allowed back into society. No MARK, they dictate, means you cannot re-enter, and hence cannot buy or sell or participate in any way, and this will extend to the web, banking, food buying and to all aspects of life.

The American people are totally comatose as to what is bring done to them, and they could actually stop all of this tomorrow by massive civil disobedience and then not only impeach those involved but try them for treason and hang them in the public squares. Although we all knew that this was going to happen in one way or another, that is, ECONOMIC COLLAPSE, NUCLEAR FALSE FLAG, BIOLOGICAL OR CHEMICAL ATTACK, or some other UNKNOWN means – we now know a bioweapon attack was launched by the RICH MEN OF THE EARTH and that was what they decided upon. The global elite operate via delusion, lies and deceptions and their control is via all media with few exceptions. As David Icke says, if you control media, you control perception, and if you control perception, you control behavior.

In other words, via controlled media propaganda, they hype up this COVID-19 to almost mass hysteria to gain control over the people, who are ignorant of mind-control methods, fall for it, and then, out of that fear, fall in line without a whimper of protest. The Americans have done exactly that. They have thrown away their Constitution and Bill of Rights!! They have done as the protocols said they would!!

I want you to read a partial transcript of what President Trump told all of us and then we will break it down for it all a CODE.

“This is a very brilliant enemy. You know, it’s a brilliant enemy. They develop drugs like the antibiotics. You see it. Antibiotics used to solve every problem. Now one of the biggest problems the world has is the germ has gotten so brilliant that the antibiotic can’t keep up with it. And they’re constantly trying to come up with a new — people go to a hospital and they catch — they go for a heart operation — that’s no problem, but they end up dying from — from problems. You know the problems I’m talking about. There’s a whole genius to it.

We’re fighting — not only is it hidden, but it’s very smart. Okay? It’s invisible and it’s hidden, but it’s — it’s very smart. And you see that in a case like a Denver.

But, you know, I think we’re doing well, and they’re on Denver like you wouldn’t believe. I came in this morning; it was a flurry. I said what’s going on? They said, “Denver.” I said, “What happened to Denver?” Because Denver was doing pretty well. And they’ve got that under control. But, yeah, that would be a case where you do some very big testing.”


I have often said that we need to give credit where credit is due, for the RICH MEN, totally Satanically controlled are BRILLIANT. You may have noticed that President Trump called COVID-19 “BRILLIANT” AND “genius.” He also said it WAS HIDDEN, INVISIBLE AND VERY SMART. He also said there is a WHOLE GENIUS TO IT. These are code words to tell you what is happening to you and most don’t even realize it.

Brilliant means, among other things, very bright and radiant also exceptionally clever or talented. Trump is referring to SATAN, to LUCIFER, the BRIGHT AND MORNING STAR, the stealer of the Throne of Jesus Christ, who now wears THE CROWN as “God of this world.” He may or may not know that, it really does not matter.


All of this APPEARS TO BE A CODED MESSAGE. The occult folks (including Donald J. Trump), are of THIS WORLD, and they speak of THIS WORLD, and all of their programs ARE OF THIS WORLD. Covid-19 is OF THIS WORLD.  Remember the rich men claim they are refined “gentlemen” and as such, will always tell you what they are going to do and then they do it.

Please remember that you are in A MATRIX, a prison house. You are trapped and unless you FIND THE KEY HOLDER who will UNLOCK THE DOOR SO YOU CAN ESCAPE, you REMAIN A PRISONER. In order to keep you from ever finding the KEY HOLDER, diversionary tactics are used by Satan to keep you totally occupied. He does through such things as religions, philosophies, world events such as Covid-19, sports, jobs, EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD. Your job is to GET OUT OF THE MATRIX. You have nothing else that matters unless you wish to go to the underworld for eternity.

Now let’s examine what has been being going on all over THIS WORLD for many years now. The first thing to know is what are called CHEMTRAILS. These chemtrails are a proven fact, and they are not some tin-foil hat conspiracy theory. We have millions of pictures from all over the world to prove it, we have pictures of the inside of these aircraft showing the gigantic tanks that store the chem-trail fluids/solids and then spray them high above the Earth.


I have a paper from Dr, Edward Teller that was the basis of all of this, to stop global warming. It was said that global warming would lead to an ice-age that would all but destroy the world’s food supply. What then happened appears to be obvious – the world government have long been obsessed with CULLING THE HUMAN “HERD” as the rich men refer to us as “cattle.” They could not allow this just to be for “global cooling” and so why not use this method for “germ-virus” testing as well! We will piggyback biological, virus & nanobot experiments!

Reports from all over the world began to come in right after a large amount of chemtrails were seen that people began to get “sick” and most of them felt like they had a “flu” like symptoms and it was “respiratory” in nature, it involved breathing and lung operations. Odd it is then that Covid-19 is involved with human respiratory functions, or is it?

This was to weaken the immune systems of humanity, as the “chemtrail” mystery was WORLD-WIDE, and the only way that can happen is GLOBAL GOVERNMENT PERMISSIONS, known as GLOBAL DEEP STATE, those elite kings and rulers of Psalm Two. You cannot spray something out of an aircraft over all the nations without permission. Secondly, this spraying was kept a SECRET and anyone who spoke of these chemtrails was MOCKED and LAUGHED INTO SILENCE. As usual, the comatose masses of the world bought into the government lies as well. Stupid is as stupid does.

It appeared that this entire operation had but one primary goal – compromise the IMMUNE SYSTEMS and also “experiment” with bioweapons manufactured in BL-4 labs, always looking for some method to cull humanity without ever being caught. After-all, people get the “flu” often and the death toll world-wide of the “flu” is in the hundreds of thousands. The plan here was to slowly eradicate all “deplorables” and NOT GET CAUGHT DOING IT.

During this time the alternative health industry was making huge inroads to the medical profession, and so the big pharma industry paid “think tanks” billions to come up with articles and “scientific reports” that were pure lies and BS to attack the herbal/vitamin alternatives that really worked.

The powers that be needed to stifle this as fast as they could, because the WHOLE KEY TO HEALTH IS A STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM. Such things as Vitamin C, D3, A, K and others were said to be a waste of money and did not work at all. After all, the entire food industry was also compromised by processing in addition to toxic chemicals in food. They even put the dangerous poison FLUORIDE into everyone’s city drinking water!! Meanwhile the alternative health doctors were being attacked, and still are, for advocating vitamins, herbs, and good wholesome foods and many actually lost their license to practice medicine.

The primary hidden objective was to destroy the immune systems so a final attack could be made. If you are immunocompromised you are much more likely to perish from a viral or bacteriological attack. Enter the final battles of Satan against humanity. ANYTHING that will compromise the immune systems of humanity without getting caught must be brought into play. The first target is the infirmed, the older folks, the ones who REMEMBER FREEDOM and who REMEMBER the BILL OF RIGHTS, and who READ THEIR BIBLES, for our younger generation has been taught and schooled into not honoring these treasured documents, If one can kill those folks off, which are “useless eaters” anyway, the BETTER IT IS.

Hitler did the same thing because as he said, the state cannot afford the expense to keep these misfit, informed or elderly alive.

Enter the eugenic programs of the Georgia Guidestones to CULL humanity by killing of about 7 billion people. The Georgia Guidestones are worshiped by the Masonic Elite, “Mystery” of the Bible. Always go back to baseline Zero. Always go back to the original intent, and that intent is KILL OFF AS MANY PEOPLE GLOBALLY AS POSSIBLE, BY ANY MEANS POSSIBLE, WITHOUT GETTING CAUGHT. Always go back to Psalm Two, which is a GLOBAL CONSPIRACY against God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and all those that follow them.

Enter now the FINAL PHASE. Satan is a liar and a murderer from the BEGINNING. There is no TRUTH IN HIM WHATSOEVER. He loves DEATH and his minions love death and hate life. Satan hates humanity with a hatred we cannot fathom, and he is using the RICH MEN OF THE EARTH to bring about this massive culling operation. Let’s now go back to Trump and what he said about Covid-19 or CV-19.

He said this is an invisible or hidden brilliant enemy. He said it was “very smart” on the “genius” level of intelligence. It morphs, it changes, it is constantly on the attack, and if one thing does not kill the target it will morph and come back and attack again. Hence, we are now seeing “reinfections”, some refer to it as a “second wave” that will be more lethal. More and more proof is showing up about “reinfections”.

Reinfections are because these “bots” can morph, which also means vaccinations are worthless! So, if that is true, and science will tell you it is, then there must be another motive for pushing vaccinations – and there is. IT IS CALLED MONEY. Trillions of dollars in profits will be made by the vaccine industry if ALL OF HUMANITY IS TO BE VACCINATED. The secondary part of this is to usher in the universal MARK OF THE BEAST SYSTEM, which will be run via 5G and 6G systems all over the world. That is why Elon Musk and others are putting up these 5G satellite systems all over the world to blanket the world with 5G radiation. The final reason for all of this is to merge humanity with the AI central system by smart dust or vaccines so everyone is wired into the beehive system.

5G is also part of this overall attack system for it lowers the immune system’s capability to ward off an attack, and weakens the body, hence the hot spots of CV-19 around the world are all heavily loaded with 5G systems. Evidently 5G strength depends upon the power behind it – the stronger the power, like a radio station, the more damage it does to your immune system.

I believe Trump is telling us something (as a gentlemen) as to what is really going on here. If something is BRILLIANT, and VERY SMART AND ON A GENIUS LEVEL that means it is INTELLIGENT. If it is intelligent it must be, has to be some type of SMART DUST, or a NANOBOT substance of some type, and AI CONTROLLED. Does ANYONE really know how far along global deep state is in their research on nanotechnology? Nanobots are programmed ROBOTS (so small it is hard to comprehend), for certain functions. They can be programmed for GOOD or FOR EVIL.  We know what CV-19 is programmed for mass killing of ALL THOSE WHO HAVE A COMPROMISED IMMUNE SYSTEMS!

Nanobots are so small they are an INVISIBLE, HIDDEN ENEMY and we are at WAR.  Enter SMART DUST and CHEMTRAILS, as the dust drifts down to the surface it enters your body and remains there until it is TRIGGERED. Nanobots appear to remain viable entities for a long time. Thus, they can remain in the atmosphere for a long time.


Here is some info concerning smartdust/nanobot technology, and pay attention to the wording:

“Smartdust[1] is a system of many tiny microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) such as sensors, robots, or other devices, that can detect, for example, light, temperature, vibration, magnetism, or chemicals. They are usually operated on a computer network wirelessly and are distributed over some area to perform tasks, usually sensing through radio-frequency identification. Without an antenna of much greater size the range of tiny smart dust communication devices is measured in a few millimeters and they may be vulnerable to electromagnetic disablement and destruction by microwave exposure”. –Wikipedia

Please understand that this is far, far ahead of what you are being told. It has already been done and is constantly refined. Go to YouTube and type NANOBOTS or SMART DUST and find out more…


Article (PDF Available) · December 2012 with 2,824 Reads

    • Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Centre for Professional and Advanced Studies (Estd by Govt of Kerala), Kottayam


“Nanorobotics is the technology of creating machines or robots at or close to the microscopic scale of a nanometer (10-9 meters).More specifically, nanorobotics refers to the still largely hypothetical nanotechnology engineering discipline of designing and building nanorobots, devices ranging in size from 0.1-10 micrometers and constructed of nanoscale or molecular components. Nanorobots will be basically used for the treatment in field of nanomedicine.”


An interesting utilization of nanorobots may be their attachment to transmigrating inflammatory cells or WBC, to reach inflamed tissues and assist in their healing process. A cream containing nanorobots may be used to cure skin disease. It can be also used for early diagnosis and targeted drug delivery for cancer, biomedical instrumentation, surgery, pharmacokinetics, monitoring of diabetes, and health care.

The devices could provide an effective long-term drug-free symptomatic treatment for asthma. The nanorobots can be used to prevent most heart attacks. Thus nanorobots applied to medicine hold a wealth of promise from eradicating disease to reversing the aging process (wrinkles, loss of bone mass and age-related conditions are all treatable at the cellular level); nanorobots are also candidates for industrial applications. They will provide personalized treatments with improved efficacy and reduced side effects that are not available today.”

The U.S. Military Wants to Inject People’s Brains With Painkilling Nanobots That Could Replace Medicine

Kim Lachance Shandrow


Former West Coast Editor

October 21, 2014 2 min read

Warning: This is not science fiction. The U.S. Military is making plans to inject people’s brains with artificially intelligent nanobots that will give them awesome, Wolverine-like powers to heal themselves.

Yes, this sounds like a crock of futuristic crazysauce from the pages of a Marvel Comics thriller, but this is for real.

DARPA, the American government’s controversial, ultra high-tech military gadget and research lab, is developing wireless, “ultra-miniaturized” and injectable electronic devices that could eventually — and quite literally — get on people’s nerves. Luckily only in ways that heal their pain and keep them healthy. Or so the Department of Defense-funded agency says.

The agency remains mum on exactly how the devices will be injected, other than to say that they “would require only minimally invasive insertion producers such as injectable delivery through a needle.”

The five-year, $80 million government bankrolled neuroprosthetic research program is fittingly called the Electrical Prescriptions initiative. But you can call it ElecRx (pronounced electrics) for short. It’s part of President Obama’s BRAIN campaign to help “warfighters and civilians suffering from traumatic injury and neuropsychiatric illness.”

DARPA says the goal of the project is to create “new, high-precision, minimally invasive technologies for modulating nerve circuits to restore and maintain human health.” Translated, the hope is that the agency’s tiny “intelligent pacemaker” implants — as miniscule as individual nerve fibers — will replace medications. They might also render obsolete the bulky, card deck-sized surgical brain implants already in use today to treat things like depression, epilepsy, Traumatic Brain Injury and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Functioning in a seamless, “closed-loop system,” the government’s smart nano doohickeys would act like mini remote controls that automatically monitor and regulate the body’s peripheral nervous system 24/7. They would constantly adjust the users’ internal organs and how they respond to injury, infection and other imbalances.

Yep, the little doodads could one day help people heal themselves. Let’s just hope that’s the only thing they’re used for (insert skeptical, mind-control comment here).

smart dust


noun: smart dust; plural noun: smart dusts

  1. a collection of microelectromechanical systems forming a simple computer in a container light enough to remain suspended in air, used mainly for information gathering in environments that are hostile to life.

“What can smart dust do?

Outfitted with miniature sensors, MEMS can detect everything from light to vibrations to temperature. With an incredible amount of power packed into its small size, MEMS combine sensing, an autonomous power supply, computing and wireless communication in a space that is typically only a few millimeters in volume. With such a small size, these devices can stay suspended in an environment just like a particle of dust. They can:

  •         Collect data including acceleration, stress, pressure, humidity, sound and more from sensors
  •         Process the data with what amounts to an onboard computer system
  •         Store the data in memory
  •         Wirelessly communicate the data to the cloud, a base or other MEMs”

And this:

“New research from the California Institute of Technology is showcasing the tremendous potential of nanotech, or microscopic machines performing complex tasks. A CalTech research team has built robots from DNA, and programmed them to bring individual molecules to designated locations inside the body.

This technology could transform everything we now do, from administering drugs that fight infections to how microscopic measurements are made. According to a new study published in Science, DNA nanoscience could create molecular devices or systems by leveraging the power of nature, creating molecular-sized devices out of DNA with programmable functions and sending them to places that are otherwise impossible to reach, such as a cancerous tumor.…



So, if one wanted to CULL humanity, one could program nanobots to KILL HUMANS by overloading the body with cell excreted exosomes and triggering a health crisis, right? Get it? You may have noticed that people in isolated areas that had no contact with anyone came down with this so-called CV-19. How is that possible unless it is IN THE AIR. How did it get in the air? CHEMTRAILS. These folks were already immune compromised in a severe way.

It is interesting that the military mocked those reporting on chemtrials and how it was all coined “conspiracy theory.” It was the CIA that coined that phrase so the vast majority of comatose humanity would not catch on as to what was really going on.  Everything exposing the New World Order and the conspiracy of Psalm Two was called that. It is called the ART OF WAR, and the primary means to win a war is diversionary tactics. The elite may think they are smart, but God is a whole lot smarter. Even NASA told the children that those trails in the sky were “contrails.” But what were they covering up? Why did they not want anyone to know what they were doing? You do that only when you have “EVIL INTENT”. Evil works in darkness, and the Bible calls these people “Children of THE NIGHT, children of darkness.”

I read an article concerning the Military that said they projected that by 2020 all of humanity would be infected with SMART DUST/NANOBOTS which of course would have to be embedded in chemtrails and sprayed globally. Inasmuch as nanobots can, they say, fix about any disease, even our DNA, these nanobots can infiltrate us for GOOD or for EVIL. That means LIFE or DEATH.  These things are REAL. SMART DUST IS REAL and much further advanced than we know under fallen angel guidance.

I believe that Trump is telling us we are dealing with an alien/human nanobot AI system that is very toxic, that somehow causes the cells to expel  “toxins” that have been building up from chemtrails, bad food choices, toxic air such as smog etc., to such a degree that the body goes into a “healing crisis” that overloads the entire body with cellular excretions and it simply collapses and the body dies.

Healing Crisis is well known to alternative health doctors when one goes into a “body cleanse.” They all warn you to “back-off” the “cleanse” if you begin to feel sick in the cleansing process, because the cells are getting rid of all the toxins by casting them out. If you go too fast, you can perish from it, because you have overloaded your system and the liver, kidneys etc., cannot keep up! These are called “exosomes” and they are identical to Covid-19 according to a number of doctors.

It is also interesting that Barry Roffman who runs Torah Code research has found the ALIEN/HUMAN connection to CV-19. Here it is:

Is Boris bugged for choosing wrong gods? Posted on April 7, 2020.

On April 6, 2020, just before U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson went into ICU for his infection of Wuhan Fever/Covid-19, I checked the Code to see if his fate was there. I found only one 8-letter transliteration for BORIS JOHNSON, and it had one of two Torah finds for WUHAN at skip +1 not too far away. IN CHINA was at skip -1. So is the Hebrew year of his infection (5780). I noticed that in the open text wasTHEY WILL TURN YOUR CHILDREN AWAY FROM FOLLOWING ME TO SERVE OTHER GODS; SO WILL THE ANGER OF THE LORD BE KINDLED AGAINST YOU, AND HE WILL DESTROY YOU QUICKLY.” That was surprising. Boris is nominally a Christian (Catholic). Overlapping that verse at skip -1 is FEVER.


But Wikipedia states that, “He is not a serious practicing Christian.[559] He holds ancient Greek statesman and orator Pericles as a personal hero.[560][561] According to Johnson’s biographer, Andrew Gimson, regarding ancient Greek and Roman polytheism: “it is clear that [Johnson] is inspired by the Romans, and even more by the Greeks, and repelled by the early Christians”.[562] Johnson views secular humanism positively and sees it as owing more to the classical world than Christian thinking.[563]

Notice the connection to OTHER GODS and the FALLEN ONES, the Nephilim! You might also want to know that Donald Trump’s suite on the 66th floor of the Trump Tower is filled with Masonry symbology and Apollyon, known in the Bible as THE DESTROYER! Perhaps that is why they are friends.  This would all imply that this is a human/alien hybrid smart virus/nanobot. Perhaps this technology is so far advanced that they can mimic a virus/exosomes and explode it in the targeted body and  is totally undetectable as to what it is!

Would the Lord allow such a thing? Absolutely, humanity by and large has rejected God’s Son and opted for other little puny gods. Even the Christians have refused to obey the commands of Jesus Christ in spite of all the warnings of wolves in sheep’s clothing. Apostasy is so far along now there is little chance of healing. You cannot fight apostasy unless the people involved realize they are apostates.

Somehow Covid-19 is a fallen angel/human bioweapon designed to trigger this “healing” process that dumps so many exosomes into the blood the body cannot handle it and perishes. Now let’s take a look at this CV-19 to see if we have any clues that would substantiate what Trump said in code:

Coronavirus-19, or COVID-19 – also called CV-19. It is interesting that C=3 and V = 22 or we have the SKULL and BONES number 322 – this is all about MYSTERY OF THE BIBLE. Mystery is the spiritual power that runs the children of darkness. Why this name?



 And why the number 19? As Trump spoke in Illuminati code, so is the name! 19 means 1 or the letter A and 9 or I or AI. ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, and that MUST BE, AND HAS TO BE A NANOBOT/VIRUS HYBRID so advanced that doctors don’t know what they are dealing with, but are finding ways to fight it.

Nanobots need to be programmed and then triggered or directed as they are programmed and are an AI directed device.  Enter 5G/6G technology that is going world-wide. You may have noticed that the “hot-spots” are in areas where 5G military frequencies have been deployed, All of this is tied together somehow. The children of darkness are smarter than the children of light. And so it is, and so it goes…

Comments welcome and post anywhere you wish…













  1. I just caught the Georgia Guidestones date 1980 is actually a 666 along with the 322.
    Wow, they sure do like rubbing it in.

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  2. The day cometh when no man can work. Why? Because we will not be allowed to work without the mark.


  3. I am kicking myself for missing that 1-9 = A-I … well done!

    My new name for the virus then: COVertID-AI

    Others on the Internet are saying “COV” = “Certificate of Vaccination” (courtesy of the Bill & Melinda Hates Foundation).

    Thank you for the article. To be honest, I thought it was “brilliant,” but hesitated to use that word!

    God bless you all for getting all this information out to us in such a timely and diligent manner!

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  4. Starting back in 1998 we saw the incessant chemtrails commence over NE Ohio, especially at the Akron latitude. Day in and day out…until we relocated out of there in 2015. Where we live now, there is no spraying. I will pray that this piece moves those who seek truth to seek the
    Ultimate TRUTH, and that those who love truth seek and possess the LOVE of the TRUTH. This piece brings much together and witnesses to the Sovereignty of our Heavenly Father who is clearly warning any and all who will listen, offering them the only way out. My concern is that there are, will be those who see this warning and view it as so much “entertainment” . I pray that all who see this, and bear witness to it, that they pray and seek out Jesus Christ. And for those who have faith in Jesus Christ, that they seek to have the faith of Jesus Christ in obediently following HIM, and keep Luke 21:36. Without the Lord, there is NO WAY out of the snare that has spring over the entire world, especially upon the US of A. PRAISE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND GLORY BE UNTO OUR HEAVENLY FATHER, AMEN.

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  5. Thanks for putting the dots together Stewart. Seems like lately that when I go outside for extended period of time I feel like I have a sore throat later. Beginning to think something in the air(chemtrails). Anybody else experience the same? Who can make war with the beast? Our only protection will be the Lord Jesus Christ.

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  6. Fascinating and terrifying to think that you’ve been able to put all this together from just what they let the public know about. Imagine what else they have in store for all the Earth dwellers.

    What an appropriate time to post this. It’s only by the blood Jesus Christ shed on the cross for us that can get us through this. As our brother Art said, it would be nice to be born again before the rapture, but most of all, not to die the second death.

    Thank you for laying this out in a way that even I can understand. You are a blessing Stew.

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  7. i cannot post it stew. i have an unblocker on my browser.
    the channel is called
    aplanetruth 4u on yt
    called While We Sleep ~ Above the Chem Fog Cover…TR3B’s and 2nd Orb Suns…
    Apr 1, 2020



  8. well Stewart, The reason for 1 million National guard isn’t the 150 people that died it is Nibiru. This fella took a personal jet up beyond two cloud layers. One cloud layer was reddish, then as he poked thru there it was. It is getting bigger..


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