Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 4-10-2020 – Be Ever Watchful…


Trump, Military Coup, Martial Law, Lockdowns & Rise Of The United Nations


The scamdemic is a win, win for the New World Order, for if the count of deaths and infections is huge, then we have to have a lockdown to stop this wild infection rate. If it is being over reported, and the numbers are smaller than we thought, then of course the LOCKDOWN is the reason, and that is why it must be continued forever. Either way the scam is working, and the foolish American is in total obedience to whatever they are told. “Go outside and turn around five times and then go back inside – repeat four times. This must be done at 4:00 PM and it will ward off the virus.” I believe must people would actually do that if the government told them to and that is how dumbed down Americans really are. Then we have Blue/Green Comet Atlas falling apart – and the possibility of an asteroid impact event. Remember Comet Ison? It kissed the Sun and sped away 7 years ago – a warning to the rich men and pointing to Psalm Two and its “kiss the Son” and Daniel’s 70th week. They have not, so now trouble comes…







3 thoughts on “Best’s Intelligence Review Hour For 4-10-2020 – Be Ever Watchful…

  1. Mentioning “jackals” on the show reminded me of this recent story:

    “IN PHOTOS: With Israelis in Coronavirus Isolation, Jackals Are Taking Over Tel Aviv’s Main Park”

    Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, most Israelis are confined to their homes and the country’s parks and beaches have been closed. A great opportunity for some

    By Moshe Gilad and Ofer Vaknin Apr 08, 2020

    Thanks for the show! God bless you all!

    Salvation belongeth unto the LORD: thy blessing is upon thy people. Selah. (Ps 3:8)


  2. Watched President and CV Task Force speak today and Presidential Seal still not on the White House podium. I searched but there’s nothing on the internet that discusses this. Why do you think this is? No journalist asking about this either.


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