Best’s Intelligence Review For 4-3-2020 – Delusions, Lies & Video Tapes

Tonight On Night Shadows 4-3-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

United Nations WHO, CDC, & Psalm Two War Escalation To Ruin


Whatever you do as the deceptions, delusions & lies escalate by all governments around the world, do not forget Psalm Two and its war against God, Christ and the Holy Spirit as GLOBAL DEEP STATE rises up and “evil men wax worse and worse”. This war is now nearing its apex, and just as Jesus told us, the VERY ELECT WOULD BE FOOLED IF IT WERE POSSIBLE. And do not forget that America, AKA Babylon The Great and the Great City Babylon, home of the United Nations is the RISE OF THE 4TH BEAST OF DANIEL. They are using a fake Covid-19 “SCAMDEMIC” to lock down all of humanity in a TOTALLY INSANE attempt to gain total control over the world. Lockdowns, checkpoints, “your papers, please”, the destruction of small business and the MIDDLE CLASS, taking over of food, energy, communications and martial law by another name is HERE. Trump is a “reluctant dictator” and all but a few are seeing the scam all of this is. Also do not forget that the LAMB BEAST, which is in reality dominionism and fake Christianity is also involved in all of this mix as indicated by Tom Horn’s book “Blood on the Alter” as confusion and total chaos rule and reign, just as the “protocols” said would happen – meanwhile the Sanhedrin is RISING RAPIDLY…


















3 thoughts on “Best’s Intelligence Review For 4-3-2020 – Delusions, Lies & Video Tapes

  1. Hey Stewart that picture on Hal’s website of what looks like a military watch is actually an analog paratrooper/skydiver altimeter on that persons wrist. On my civilian version when the hand gets around to the red zone you sure as hell better make sure your chute is open or you may just go splat! The date is kind of mysterious to me and I don’t know why a paratrooper would have to put that on there but I was not a paratrooper so I can’t really say.


  2. When they say “peace and safety” then sudden destruction. I dont know why i am still amazed that fellow Christians have no idea what time it is. I work at a store deemed “essential” and i notice the main phrase people are using as we part ways is “stay safe,” not take care, or God bless etc. Just stay safe. Even amongst the common people this phrase is being used.


  3. Those who know the True Christ Jesus will not be taken by surprise by the smoke and mirrors in this final scene on the grand stage of events. He who has eyes to see and ears to hear will know and hear what the Spirit of the LORD is saying, as it all plays out before us.


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