Best & Taylor Flash Intel Update For 3-17-2020 – The Other Thing & This

Tonight On Night Shadows 3-17-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

Rumors, Lies, Martial Law By Other Names, Lockdowns & The End Game





What is happening right now was warned about 25 or more years ago and as suggested way back then, the vast majority of people will fall into the trap of the rich men and the New World Order. They have, and they will, continue to do so. Interesting that Trump’s 15 days is over April Fool’s day – suggesting that this is all a major hoax. Then we have April 4th, 7 days before April 11. Both are 44, and 44 is tied directly to Obama as he was the 44th President. Rumor has it road lockdowns are next, in home lockdowns, total economic collapse, chaos, riots will be next! However, Trump might pull a rabbit out of the hat, but it is a long shot. “Q” is back but I believe “Q” is deep state and the real target for the “round-ups” are God’s people, NOT DEEP STATE. It is a diversionary tactic, long used by the enemies of God. BELIEVE PSALM TWO. Memorize Psalm 91. This is all going down NOW. If you have mocked all of this, if you have mocked TRUE SALVATION you are in a world of hurt. Be warned…









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