Best & Taylor Intel Update For 3-4-2020 – The NWO Culling Has Begun?

Tonight On Night Shadows 3-4-2020 @ 7:00 PM CT

Medical Martial Law, 4-11 Revisited, FEMA, CDC, WHO, Passover, Middle East & More…


As more and more days go by, we are seeing the emerging NWO lockdown as suggested by FEMA to Trump. Already, we are told that medical martial law may have secretly been invoked, and FEMA is making ready for the coming “emergency”. At the same time, DARPA has A NEW “BIO-WEAPONS” DETECTOR, and that detector, soon to be approved by the FDA is an INSERTED detector device just under the skin, sort of like the Mark of the Beast System – this insertion is to detect viruses and notify the authorities. That means EVERYONE would have to have this MARK to function properly – sort of like the bracelets in the movie “Contagion” to prove you had been vaccinated or you could not enter public places – and then we need to revisit 4-11 for it may be an important hidden date and more…








4 thoughts on “Best & Taylor Intel Update For 3-4-2020 – The NWO Culling Has Begun?

  1. huge huge huge info here. this is the real reason why ppl are dying from mystery v and why they are having a hear t at tack and how to mitigate and keep yourself and others safe. best stuff evah.


  2. one more, how to completely shield your home , start with 99% emf 5g paint etc, window film and screen mesh on roof before re roofing all here. excellent


  3. here ya go stewart 5g removes and takes oxygen away. also make your red blood cells to spin and therefore it cannot attach and aquire oxygen to the lungs.


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