Wars, Turkey & Russia, Pandemics, CDC,  UN WHO and Lies & More Lies

Tonight On Night Shadows 2-28-2020 –

Best & Taylor News Hour – The Chaos of This & That & The Other Thing




Notice The Date 3-22-1980 40 years ago – 40 is the number for Trials, Probation & Testing


Notice the Date 3-19-1994 – embedded 9-11, 13 & 666 & 36, all Illuminati Numbers!!



When one actually begins to belief what the Bible says about humanity and the end times, what is going on with the elite, the Georgia Guidestones, Deagle.com and the eugenics of the elite and the Denver Airport murals, it is evident the that the powers that be have decided the culling of humanity MUST BEGIN and the coronavirus and the lack of any REAL ATTEMPTS TO STOP IT all point to what is coming next – global pandemic, UN’s WHO and USA CDC will bring to America what has already happened in China – LOCKDOWN. The problem here is our Bill of Rights and Constitutional restraints would require a medical emergency, suspension of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, MARTIAL LAW and LOCKDOWN with the promise of “we’ll give all your rights back when the emergency is over” when in fact it is a LIE and the New World Order is brought in under the pretense of “medical emergency”. The coded White House Briefing all but told everyone to get ready for it and thenc we have war in the Middle East and more…










2 thoughts on “Wars, Turkey & Russia, Pandemics, CDC,  UN WHO and Lies & More Lies

  1. Have you thought about the potential of mosquitoes as a vector for the coronavirus? I hadn’t until day before yesterday, late afternoon, when a mosquito landed on my shirt at home. I live in Southern Oregon, and it’s too early in the year, and too cold for mosquitoes to be active; but it is possible for an unmarked helicopter, which I saw earlier that same day at lunch time, flying south through the Rogue Valley to have dumped a load of mosquitoes from the air, (which no one would be paying attention to), which could be a possibility, (tin foil hat on?)….in the warmth of the day. Is that too far fetched? No one would suspect that the mosquitoes would be as vectors carrying the virus flying from person to person exchanging blood…. You know, we all should be mindful of any potential weaponized vector that could play out in various scenarios. Everyone around me seems so preoccupied and complacent and just carry on as though there’s nothing wrong…I don’t get it.
    Just a thought since it alarmed me seeing a mosquito this time of year when it’s freezing in the AM.
    Thank you for your time Stewart and Larry, and your timely and consistent updates.


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