Best & Taylor Intel Update For 2-26-2020 – Virus Clampdown Coming?

Tonight On Night Shadows 2-26-2020 @ 7:PM CT

Trump, Medical Martial Law, CDC, WHO, Bible Codes, China, NWO and More…


There can only be one explanation for what is going on with the coronavirus and the almost 100% lies coming out from China, the CDC, WHO – and that is THE EXCUSE to LOCKDOWN ENTIRE NATIONS in the name of “protecting” the world population. From the Homeland Security/FEMA Nebraska briefings of their state law makers, to the Nebraska level 4 biolab, and how that “briefing scared the lawmakers half-to-death, then the China breakout WITH NO LOCKDOWN OF AIR TRAVEL or even rail or bus travel and how 5 million people in Wuhan left China just before the lockdown and all of the lies and deceptions of China and now USA ‘s CDC, it is obvious the so-called “failure to take proper precautions at USA airports, to testing equipment that does not work is all deliberate and is meant to BEGIN the massive world depopulation efforts as outlined in the Georgia Guidestones. Are you ready?