Best & Taylor News Hour For 2-14-2020 – Trouble In The Matrix Grows

Tonight on Night Shadows 2-14-2020 – 7:00 PM CT

Trump, Global Deep State, Virus, Pandemic, China, Global Economy and More…


The timeline for the Matrix and salvation from it is all but gone. All the signs are here, and they are rapidly converging. America-Babylon is now so divided there is no cure, and she will not be healed. With enemies inside and out, with a government so out of control, revolution is in the future. The gun grabbers are going full speed ahead, and all of this appears to be a well-planned agenda to topple the nation and then the world. China is in deep trouble, now saying the economy cannot even begin to come back until May 1. Does anyone realize what that means to the whole world, and how a global economic collapse is just around the corner? Does anyone realize the ripple effects of a total collapse? No food, no water, no gas, no medical supplies, no nothing. How many are prepared in reality? How long can the nightmare go on? Have the plagues now begun? Earth changes and more – is TIME TRAVEL A REALITY?