Best & Taylor Intel Update For 2-12-2020 – The Revolution Has Begun


Tonight On Night Shadows 2-12-2020 7:00 PM CT

Trump, Roger Stone, Bible Codes, Turkey, Syria, Treason And More…


The communist insurgency has now gone into high gear with a new investigation into Trump, and this will not stop until Trump is removed. What we are seeing is the total destruction of our form of constitutional government using the constitution and powers of the House to bring it about. Jesus warned us that a HOUSE (OR NATION) DIVIDED CANNOT AND WILL NOT STAND, it will fall.  While most Republicans think Trump will win by a landslide the communists are busy finding ways totally destroy the electoral process and bring in their NEW WORLD ORDER. Then we have the Bible Codes that blow the lid off what is coming and why, war in the Middle East with Turkey and Syria in a major battle, and a 39-year-old “prophecy” concerning the Wuhan coronavirus!! The Matrix is real, and you are all in LOCKDOWN, and unless and until you do EXACTLY what Jesus Christ commanded, there is NO SALVATION, only eternal ruin. The entire Christian Church is in TOTAL and RANK APOSTASY and more…


Why does the human eye show an eclipse of the Sun (Son)???

You might want to think on that one!!