Best & Taylor News Hour For 1-21-2020 – Lies, Deceptions, Delusions & More…

Tonight On Night Shadows 1-31-2020 – 7:00 PM CT

Trump, Impeachment, United Nations, Pandemic, Guide-stones, UFO, Nanobots and More…



So here we are waiting for the Super Bowl exactly 33 days from the New Year, with one of the teams coming from Kansas, the very state that was the center of the movie Jericho and the nuclear attack upon America by inside traitors, and then of course we saw the movie “Oblivion” and in that move, the last Super Bowl was in 2017! We know from Scripture that there was to be a delay – but how long? Then of course we have the peace plan of Trump which sort of mirrors the one issued by Cyrus long ago that lead to the second Temple. Will this Trump plan lay the groundwork for the Third Temple and the great Tribulation? While all of this is going on Earth changes are going full speed ahead, the United Nations declares a global emergency, and flights out of China continue all around the world. Then of course, many of these passengers get on other flights to other areas, and the vectors of infection become global, and no one really knows what the truth is because of so many lies told already. Then of course we hear that our military discovered a German UFO Bell and so it goes…








1 thought on “Best & Taylor News Hour For 1-21-2020 – Lies, Deceptions, Delusions & More…

  1. I saw some Super Bowl logos on the Internet. This is Super Bowl #5454; i.e., “LIV”. Will something go “LIV” on Sunday? God knows…thank you for the show! Looking for that blessed hope, God Bless!


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