Best & Taylor Intel Update For 1-29-2020 – This And That

Tonight On Night Shadows 1-29-2020 – 7:00 PM CT

Lies More Lies, Lockdowns and Never Trust Your Government


Time is slipping away and delusions and deceptions of modern Salvation will take millions to eternal ruin.

“We are here to help you” goes the government agents refrain as they lie through their teeth about what is going on in reality. The claim of lockdown of air travel out of China is a provable and total fabrication. The question is WHY? Why are we getting so many conflicting reports on this virus? We have two options in reality. One is that Global Deep State wants to spread this far and wide to infect as many people as possible and cause a global pandemic, and then bring in the cure which is global mandatory vaccination program and within that vaccine are nanobots that can be triggered at any time. Never forget the Global Deep State agenda for 6.5 billion population reduction outlined in the Georgia Guidestones. And then we have Navy UFO underwater sightings being leaked. an Israel peace plan and earthquakes…