Best & Taylor Urgent Intel Update – Has Depopulation Begun?

Tonight On Night Shadows – 1-26-2020 7:00 PM CT

Has The Elite’s END GAME Depopulation Agenda Now Begun?


We must never forget the ultimate depopulation plans of the Global Deep State. The eugenics programs of the elite have been found in books, articles, videos and even in movies. It is found is the Georgia Guide-Stones,  This is not new news, this has been planned for years and years. Then we have the chem-trails mystery, nanobots, immune systems attacks. Years ago I warned that it appeared to me that what was really going on in the chem-trail mystery was a global attack to weaken immune systems, and then come in for the kill with a deadly virus with no known cure – except for the elite, which most likely already have the antidote. The ultimate goal of the RICH MEN OF THE EARTH is to bring in their global New World Order with only one half-billion slaves to serve them and more…







4 thoughts on “Best & Taylor Urgent Intel Update – Has Depopulation Begun?

  1. Had a thought about face/virus masks: since they are supposedly good if put on an infected person, to help keep the virus from spreading from them (the infected) to others, could they perhaps mandate masks for everyone who are out in public? If this truly is a pandemic that goes wild? That might actually help keep the virus from spreading, part of a medical martial law type thing (which DS would love). In that case would be good to have some on hand.

    God knows….thank you for the update! God bless you all!


  2. Thanks as always for these updates. Seems like things are continuing to ramp up and we haven’t even gotten through the first month of 2020. Makes you wonder what chaos will be happening in the coming months. Super Bowl is this Sunday. President plans to be there and I can’t help but think about the movie Sum Of All Fears. May be too obvious though.


    • I didn’t know Trump was supposed to be there. Thanks for that info.

      Super Bowl is 2/2/2020 this year…22’s galore!

      And it is Ground Hog Day, the 33rd day of the year….the beast rising out of the earth!

      Maybe the entire crowd will be in face masks to condition a worldwide audience.

      Tin foil hat firmly in place….God bless.


  3. I’ve considered this many times and believe you’re spot on! I’m certain this is how they’ll deliver the lethal dose of whatever it is they spray on us daily! But most won’t listen!


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