Best & Taylor News Hour For 1-10-2020 – Peace & Security Or?

 Tonight On Night Shadows 1-10-2020 7 PM

Iran, Stand Down, Trump, Sudden Destruction, Peace & Security, Bible Codes and more…


Here we go again, so they often say, on the verge of war, then a stand down, a delay, or are we entering the time of a FAKE PEACE AND NO WAR, OR JUST THE OPPOSITE? No one knows, and that is why the Lord told us to WATCH, to be on guard for major deceptions. Will Iran strike with no notice? Will the visions of a sinking of one of our navy ships come to pass? And why did we stand down? Intel coming out says that China and most likely Russia gave Iran some high-tech missile equipment and that we have no defense against it – and also that Putin warned Trump not to attack Iran! So here we are, with impeachment going to the Senate, cosmic waves rumbling through, Bible Code warnings, earth changes and much more…



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