Best & Taylor Intel Update For 1-8-2020 – Psalm Two War & Playbooks

On Night Shadows Tonight 1-8-2020 – 7:00 PM CT

Iran, Israel, Putin, Syria, Trump, Daniel 8, Isaiah 17, Bible Codes & More


Keep Your Eyes On The UN

So, what is the real truth? Was there even and attack at all or was this a “wag the dog”? Totally different news from MSM including Fox vs alternative media – which was mocked last night on Fox News as “rumors flying”, but was anyone killed or just Iraq military types? No one knows but it does prove that the so-called news cannot be trusted whatsoever, and the Bible is our only source of actual news, and prophecy must be our guide. The stand down by Trump and all the drama could well lead to the confrontations of Isaiah 17 and Daniel 8. These must and will come to pass, we all have to wait and see how it all develops – for the vision may tarry, but it will surely come and more…




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  1. Thanks for the update….the whole news day was weird. Seems all orchestrated and we just don’t know exactly what they are doing behind-the-scenes.

    God bless!


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