Best & Taylor News Hour For 11-22-2019 – This, The Other Thing & That

Tonight On Night Shadows 11-22-2019 7:00 PM CT

Paranormal Sightings, UFO, Deep State, Coup, Trump, Russia, Iran and More…


Deep State lies in open hearings, no one asks the right questions, no one in jail despite massive evidence of sedition, no indictments except Trump people, America people basically silent, communist coup continues full speed ahead, America destined for total ruin, no one really cares, surveillance state continues unabated, lockdown even more dangerous with passage of new Patriot Act, NDAA continues and the assault against the constitution continues, strange sightings continue, UFO activity on increase, Israel has no real leader, world going into chaos as global deep state plans continue and more…



1 thought on “Best & Taylor News Hour For 11-22-2019 – This, The Other Thing & That

  1. Question: is “Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal” (Ezek 38:2-3; 39:1) a SPIRITUAL prince in the same sense as “the prince of Persia?”

    Gog even has a “chief” associated with his title; according to Strong’s, meaning “the head.” If Gog is a spiritual prince, what would “chief” mean in this context? Seems important, spiritual or otherwise? Just wondering….

    Anyway….thank you for the show! God bless!


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