Best & Taylor News Hour For 11-8-2019 – Frequency And Strong Delusions

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT – 11-8-2019

Frequency Changes, Delusions, Rebellions, Arrival & End Of Days


On our last show we brought up the fact that the Shumann Resonance of Earth was changing and moving into a higher frequency range – a range that changes the human mind and causes much stress, which in turn causes anger and the rise of EMOTIONS over RATIONAL THINKING. The Book of Enoch says that demonic activities will increase as we close down mankind’s probation upon Earth. As we have researched more into this, it is very closely connected to the STRONG DELUSION of Thessalonians and it is also very disconcerting, as the New Age concepts of an “ascension” appear to be connected to the entire solar system moving into a galactic area of higher frequencies – and that is tied into the UFO/Alien Arrival – a huge deception about to be sprung upon the human race FROM WHICH, if you are not protected by Jesus Christ, you cannot escape and WILL go into eternal damnation and much more in this special report and more to follow…












2 thoughts on “Best & Taylor News Hour For 11-8-2019 – Frequency And Strong Delusions

  1. Sorry I have more. When trump called up the marines for U.S. soil work. It was said it was for assassination stoppage. Trump then moved out of the whitehouse and new york. oh, fema made a 10-15 page comic book about zombies. look it up.

    here it is


  2. Wierdness. The last 4 days I have slept constantly,day and night. Still sleepy. Not tired, just sleepy. As for getting anything done I am fortunate to plan one thing per day. Grocery shopping, maybe a load of clothes then my grandson a bath, then boom, time for bed. As for cosmic waves that paul laviolette speaks of there is a fascinating fellow that has some sort of technical scientific job within the government and he calls himself just Mike. Mike from around the world. He is on Paul Begley’s show every week or two. Mike said that that the cosmic waves cause bone problems and blood problems especially in those with those problems. This week a very very strange thing happened to me. I took 2 old lotto tickets in my daughter had. The fellow at the gastown said they had already been paid. Then he threw them in the trash. I left and said I better go back and get those back for my daughter. I went back to get them and he argued with me saying they went to the dumpster. then I asked a lady to get them and they were in the trash can by the register. He said then, what do you want them for, i said it’s a woman thing, she will want them back. Then he said , oh you will just take them to another store. I said why? you said they were no good. so I left with them and took them to another store and the fellow there tried the same trick, throwing them into the trash. I got them back. one was already paid the other was worth 20 bucks. But funny was the thievery and it happened at two consecutive places. We are definitely entering a time of delusions. After hearing the start of your program when you read those words about a time of delusions that gave me a new aspect,or concept of it’s meaning. I need to go back and revisit. thankyou, peace, Jerry


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