Best & Taylor News Hour For 11-8-2019 – Frequency And Strong Delusions

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT – 11-8-2019

Frequency Changes, Delusions, Rebellions, Arrival & End Of Days


On our last show we brought up the fact that the Shumann Resonance of Earth was changing and moving into a higher frequency range – a range that changes the human mind and causes much stress, which in turn causes anger and the rise of EMOTIONS over RATIONAL THINKING. The Book of Enoch says that demonic activities will increase as we close down mankind’s probation upon Earth. As we have researched more into this, it is very closely connected to the STRONG DELUSION of Thessalonians and it is also very disconcerting, as the New Age concepts of an “ascension” appear to be connected to the entire solar system moving into a galactic area of higher frequencies – and that is tied into the UFO/Alien Arrival – a huge deception about to be sprung upon the human race FROM WHICH, if you are not protected by Jesus Christ, you cannot escape and WILL go into eternal damnation and much more in this special report and more to follow…