Best & Taylor News Hour For 11-1-2019 – The Other Things And This

Tonight On Night Shadows @ 7:00 PM CT

Best & Taylor News Hour For 11-1-2019 – The Other Things And This

Trump, Coup, Deep State, Communists, False Flag, November & More…


November 1 has arrived, warnings of October did not come to pass, new warnings for November 3 emerge and sooner or later, these warnings will be correct – here are some interesting You Tube links that everyone needs to watch and you will learn a lot about how DEEP STATE embeds their warnings because they claim they are “gentlemen” and always telegraph ahead their intentions.

Meanwhile, the communists in Washington move ahead with their plans to put America into chaos and possible revolution – the goal all the while. So here it is – Order to¬†disorder to chaos to martial law to New World Order. Simple and it works or so they think – they forget the God Factor, because the Lord Has His own agenda and it is not what they think and so it goes. More Earth Changes, more chaos around the world and so it goes in the MATRIX…


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