Best & Taylor Urgent Update For 10-30-2019 – Evil Comes This Way

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Trump, Deep State, Impeach, WW3, Israel, Russia & Delusions


It seems that before 9-11, there were a host of warnings in all types of media, from cartoons to movies to TV etc. These warnings, now all clearly seen in retrospect are now happening again but the date is different. It is now 11-3-2019 and depicts some “EVENT” possibly in some major US City or several cities – perhaps the beginning of WW3. Deep State must and will get rid of Trump one way or another, as Trump was the deep state pick for the PIVOT GUY, the TRIGGER MAN in “Rules For Radicals” for the coming NEW WORLD ORDER, the divide and conquer man and the final phase before America to United Nations rule and the killing fields of the FEMA camps begin. Then we have Israel, Russia and some odd events all adding up to something soon coming upon the world scene. Don’t miss tonight’s show, we have information you won’t find elsewhere…









2 thoughts on “Best & Taylor Urgent Update For 10-30-2019 – Evil Comes This Way

  1. Thank you both stewart and Larry for giving us the news we actually need to know, but aren’t going to find out anywhere else. I hear of many people talking about leaving the us to escape what’s coming, they are preparing by fleeing or even bunkering down someplace here, but i rarely hear anyone else, but y’all, speak of spiritual preparation. Please correct me if i’m wrong, because i often am, but shouldn’t that be #1 on the list? I have small children and we have daily discussions about christ, we pray together, and do our best to give them truthful knowledge of our lord, but how do we prepare little ones and even older children for the things to come? Is it even possible for us? I trust that Jesus will not forsake the little ones, but your insights/ advice is greatly appreciated. I am trying to parent with a firm foundation as scripture says, but what is coming is so horrible… i want to do as christ commands. As usual i’m inadequate and unsure as a mother, but striving for the truth. Many blessing and tremendous gratitude to yall.


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