Best & Taylor News Hour For 10-25-2019 – Babylon Down, It Has Begun

Tonight On Night Shadows – 10-25-2019 7:00 PM CT

Trump Coup, Deep State Revenge, Middle East False Peace & More



While it may seem quiet other than the screaming to impeach Trump, there is a lot going on behind the curtain as Deep State maneuvers the Americans into the New World Order. Now that a criminal investigation has been launched, it appears that special reports will be delayed once again, as we have been hearing “next week” for months now – and no one gets arrested and in fact it appears that Queen Hillary is about to enter the presidential race as we predicted a long time ago – a woman who rides the Beast may be more literal than anyone understood – and it appears that if Hillary did in fact run she would beat Trump even if the election has to be rigged to accomplish it. If Hillary gets in, war with Putin is almost certain – then we have earth changes and more UFO stuff surfacing…







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  1. Excellent show as always. Thank you for updating the remnant. Left you a note up on YT Scubie. God bless.



    Its out 300 pages. download takes time

    DOJ review of USCS docs indicates that during the execution of the search warrants by the MPD at the two ‘Finders’ properties, USCS SA (redacted) claims to have observed a substantial amt of comp equip and docs containing instructions for obtaining children for unspecified purposes. The instructions allegedly included the impregnation of female members of the community, purchasing children, trading children and kidnapping them. (redacted) claims’


  3. I have been sending this info to you for years, hoping you would cover it. A land without a walled city. Quebecand Mexico City and Jerusalem, well they all have walled cities. We don’t. I am so happy our ppl are getting the heads up on this. We are going to get hit, bands, tanks etc. but Gods fervor will build in his nostrils and hit those that come here with an overflowing rain and 100 lb. hailstones. But how bad will we be hit before Gods hand helps. Then we use their arms to heat for seven years. Radioactive materials last somewhere around 7 years. It says after that no one will mess with us it says. So sometime in December. Is the beginning of the time of aquarous . This is to be the beginning of the last 7 years. Check this out. I get back to this for you. Stan on the prophecy club is coming out with some good revelations and how Gods hand is going to really work with his kids against satan. Ptll.i have so much to say. If I would not have been busy I would have called. That spying is going to take them down. Stan brings 4 prophets in and the info says 2020-21 will bring military law in. Down to the state in some cases. The age of aquarious. TrryBennetts prophecies. Trump was born under a blood moon just as it passed over Jerusalem. Check it out. But I do believe what I see at the rally’s. Maybe a 100000 in Dallas . Wow. Well I say 75000. I witness all the time. Just two days ago I did a boggy at the doc place. Gods hand works. Stand stand stand. I pray now for your strength and Larrys strength in your leading in the Spirit and your body’s strength. Remember Stan prophecy club listen to his revelations and terry bennetts meeting visions with Gabriel. I believe. Once I had a fellow and I wanted him to hear Bennett. He could not. He had to leave. The conviction or the devil in him made him hyperventilate. His sermons are there. Jerry later


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