Best & Taylor News Update For 10-9-2019 – Trigger Event?

 Tonight On Night Shadows Р7:00 PM CT




Psalm Two appears to be coming to a head, and the APEX of the NWO attempt to overthrow America is NOW. There is little question that the Kings and Rulers of the world have decided NOW or NEVER and have pulled out the stops to destroy our Constitution and with that our entire legal system. The so-called “fight” between the DEEP STATE and Trump appears to be following the “rules for radicals” blueprint – I have always wondered why people do not ask some very basic questions concerning Trump and Deep State – and why the REAL DANGERS to American’s freedoms are now being addressed at all – like FEMA CAMPS, NDAA, HOMELAND “SECURITY”, JADE HELM, RUSSIAN & CHINA TROOPS WITHIN AMERICA, and all the rest – why has Trump not ever told us about THOSE DANGERS? Why MAGA ON RED CAPS? Do you know what MAGA means? Do you know what the color RED means? Do you know why DEEP SATE CHOSE DONALD TRUMP to be inserted as President? Why are you not wondering why only CRUMBS of reform are being made, while the main underpinnings of a communist overthrow and imprisonment of all who would rebel are being activated? Psalm Two exempts NO LEADER, NO AUTHORITY, but rather INCLUDES THEM ALL? Get ready – it all in the PLAYBOOK!