Best & Taylor News Hour For 9-20-2019 – This & That & BEWARE 9-23 – SPECIAL REPORT

Best & Taylor News Hour For 9-20-2019 – This & That & 9-23

Bible Codes, Enigmas, Paranormal, UFO, Israel/USA war, 9-23  and more…


As we close in on 9-23-2019, it appears that the war rumbles in the Middle East are getting louder and is confirmed in the Torah Codes of Barry Roffman as well. Then of course we have HATE TRUMP, because Trump is the polarization man of “Rules for Radicals”, in which you divide and conquer, and that concept is well underway. Israel appears to be getting ready for some major military excursions into Syria, Iran and Iraq, and the military movements of the USA may well be for the third gulf war. Then we have a book written some time ago that seemed to know the WAR PLANS to bring the world into WORLD WAR THREE of the RICH MEN. Earth changes abound and more on the MATRIX and getting out of it for the time is short…






4 thoughts on “Best & Taylor News Hour For 9-20-2019 – This & That & BEWARE 9-23 – SPECIAL REPORT

  1. You are beautiful Stewart ! Thank you for your continued witness so faithful, so sure !
    May all you do bear tremendous fruit for Eternity !!!


  2. The Lord has given you an amazing gift to write and anyone searching for the Truth with an open mind will be blessed by the wisdom you have imparted in this book! It reads more like a personal, intimate story of your journey to the cross.

    I only completed the 8th grade, but I remember someone once told me that school was supposed to teach you how to learn; you’ve been an awesome teacher Stew. Questions, questions, so many questions! I think this is what Jesus meant when He said you must come to Him as little children (Mt 18:3)

    Love that you included the short story called “The Game”. Can’t remember how many times I left that little booklet around in public places (Laundromats, waiting rooms, etc.) in hopes someone might pick it up. It’s like a Reader’s Digest copy of The Matrix book you wrote, in a way!

    Thank you my dear friend for your beautiful testimony. Seems you, once again, found another way to try and explain the walk. God Bless.


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