Best & Taylor Intel Update For 9-11-2019 – This & That

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Bible Codes, Trump Hate, Israel, 9-23, Earthquakes, Ring Of Fire and More…


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The Matrix end of days signs are increasing as the news outlets censor more and more, especially when it comes to earth changes. Then we have the Bahama’s death toll totally under-reported, and even those who live there are saying the government is not being truthful at all – but have they ever been? Hurricane Andrew’s death toll it is claimed was thousands more than reported – is this a massive CULLING operation of deep state? Too many hurricanes where only 8 people died but we have thousands of coffins buried and discovered by kids – the great culling appears to be in full operation if you watch for the lies being told to the masses of people…and then we have earthquakes not even being reported – like California shaking today by eye witnesses but nothing reported and so it goes as the liars all come to the fore…

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