Best & Taylor News Hour For 9-6-2019 – Trouble In The Matrix

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

Dorian Mayhem, Social Credits, Gun Control, Red Flag Laws & More…

2019-06-12_9-34-06You are in a PRISON and you most likely don’t even know it. The entire COSMOS is under a total LOCKDOWN, and Earth is under an evil OVERLORD. There is only ONE way out, and only ONE ISSUE to be solved. Do you know what it is? Click on the link below to find out how much trouble you are REALLY IN.

While it may appear that there is not a lot going on, there is a lot of news that is important and needs to be discussed as the Matrix begins to unravel. From mocking climate change to hiding earthquake data, from increasing world-wide plasma events and solar anomalies, the Deep State is attempting via major media to “play down” the changes in climate and weather that people are seeing. Then of course we have the police state/surveillance state marching on with new technology. The 5G program is still on track even with fierce opposition, but has been delayed in several cities, but a way will be found around it as the New World Order needs it for control of the masses. Then we have Russia and China moving into the north polar regions, and Trump wants to buy Greenland as a checkmate. On and on it goes IN THE MATRIX.