Best & Taylor News Hour With Barry Roffman – Bible Code Surprises

Tonight On Night Shadows – 9-4-2019 7:00 PM CT

Stewart & Larry Interview Bible Code Expert Barry Roffman On His Latest Discoveries


Bible Code Barry Roffman, Stewart & Larry in a round-table discussion of the latest findings of Barry dealing with life on Mars, ongoing politics of the Matrix, his take on events in Israel and on any upcoming war they may have, and whatever else Barry feels led to share. Earth Changes still abound the world over, solar anomalies, Dorian still very dangerous, weather warfare, time travel, are we being visited from the future, and if so, what message would they bring with them, Trump and Bible Codes and more…


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1 thought on “Best & Taylor News Hour With Barry Roffman – Bible Code Surprises

  1. A really good interview by Paul Martin and Dave Hodges with David Dubyne of the “Adapt 2030” Youtube Channel, and

    It fits PERFECTLY with the “stealth famine” that Stewart and Larry have been warning about for years.

    Gives some dates/years of how things might play out. Would help explain the 2025 population estimate for America at 99 million.

    For example, he poses an interesting question: is it just coincidence, that in the year (this year) where America’s crops are hurting so badly, that China is stopping purchases (blaming the tariff wars)? His personal opinion is that they are ALL IN IT TOGETHER. If China actually bought what they usually bought this year, then it would expose the food shortages in America. Now it stays hidden.

    Interesting that the second solar eclipse that “X’s out” America is in 2024.

    I know most do not have time for all these things, but for those who might, it starts at the 1:15:25 mark. He minces no words, states facts, no flowery gobbledy-goop:

    Sadly, no mention of bible prophecy (or God/salvation) that I can recall, but maybe I missed it.

    It is incentivizing me to pick up some extra cans of peas!

    But truly, my hope and trust ought to be in the Lord.

    Thank you for the Night Shadows radio show….God bless you all!

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