Best & Taylor Flash Intel Update For 9-1-2019 – War in Israel & Hurricane Watch

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Israel at flash point, Missiles flying, Dorian reaches Cat? Track UNKNOWN


Time is running out for those trapped in the Matrix. There is only ONE escape, ONE WAY OUT, and only ONE who has the KEY.

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WAKE ME UP WHEN SEPTEMBER ENDS. We all know that something is very wrong in the Matrix, and that humanity has a really bad problem, hence we have wars and rumors of wars, tribal infighting, and everyone has issues, and collections of people brings nations that then also have collective issues – but no one wants to admit humanity is a fallen creature in dire need of redemption. The redeemer came, gave us the warnings, and told us how to escape. Few ever respond. Many believe, many have faith, but Jesus said their faith and belief were fraudulent, not real. Hence, they die in their sins. The world is now rapidly spinning out of control. You have only one way out. 99% of the Christians have no clue as to what that one way out really is, because they have itching ears and don’t want to hear the REAL TRUTH. And then we have Dorian. Be careful, judgment may be coming our way.