Best & Taylor Intel Update For 8-28-2019 – Problems In The Matrix

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

Israel, Russia, Arctic, Greenland, Matrix, UFO, Arrival, Earth Changes


According to Jesus Christ 90%+ of Christians take the BLUE PILL and remain forever in the Matrix! You can ESCAPE!


There is trouble brewing in the Matrix. The nations are getting restless. Trade wars and economic wars abound. Economic woes on both a national and global scale accelerate but are denied by the leaders. The Trump wars continue, and the masses are entertained but no one goes to jail. “Next week” for sure they have been saying for 2.5 years. Hillary makes plans for a presidential run. Comey gets off free. On and on it goes as Babylon’s lawlessness is on full display for the world to see. Meanwhile China prepares to take Hong Kong and then Taiwan. Israel prepares to “go it alone” and make their “Israeli mistake” of the bots. Dorian goes to hurricane status, and humanity appears oblivious to the approach of Messiah. Sudden destruction cometh and no one pays attention to what Jesus commanded if we want to escape the Matrix.




3 thoughts on “Best & Taylor Intel Update For 8-28-2019 – Problems In The Matrix

  1. Hey Stewart, I wish you would give this a big consideration. It goes into many aspects along with International Currency. But not the one recently proposed. Many other things that seem very possible.


  2. This is a really great book. I just finished it. Thank you!!! I pray that there’s still time enough to find THE TRUTH.


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