Best & Taylor Intel Update For 8-19-2019 – War Developing In Middle East?

Tonight On Night Shadows – 8/19 – 7:00 PM CT

Special Update – Turkey Attacks Syria, Russia Strikes Turkish Forces, NATO warns?


While we may have a number of flare-ups in the Middle East, this latest one is interesting because Israel appears to be NOT INVOLVED. Turkey took it upon itself to invade Syria, and Syria responded by attacking a convoy of Turkish troops and military equipment. Turkey also launched a missile attack upon a Russian airbase that reportedly killed a Russian general, so Russia has now joined the fray. France issued a warning to Russia to “stand down” more or less. Remember, however, that Turkey is a member of NATO and NATO is to come to the defense of any of their members, so does that then involve the EC and America? Good question. Larry and I will be discussing this and the possible escalation and what it could mean in “ripple effects”.