Best & Taylor Matrix News Hour For 8-16-2019 – Police State Coming

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Gun Control, 7277, UN, Red Flag Laws, False Flags and more…



Well, here we go again as the communists gear up for their final push to topple America – new proposed gun law bans semi-autos, most long guns, red flag laws coming to a town near you because you are a mental case. Why? Because you are not a communist, that’s why. Any sane person knows that communism is the ONLY SANE GOVERNMENTAL FORM, even though it has failed each time it is advanced. However, this is all designed to de-populate America by first taking the guns and then the killing fields begin. It works, why change it? Trump calls deep left “communists” for first time at rally – then we have China and Hong Kong, Israel and Syria, Russia and Iran and so it goes, all inside the Matrix, all designed to KEEP YOU THERE. Time to re-read Scripture folks and get the real truth!! Famine news, bee kills, earthquakes and well, on and on it goes, but where it stops, we all ought to know…







1 thought on “Best & Taylor Matrix News Hour For 8-16-2019 – Police State Coming

  1. Great Show. America isn’t Babylon=There are none so blind as those who will not see…
    Thank you Stew, for your tireless attempts to open the eyes, minds and hearts of the curious; unfortunately the rest will forever remain blind. God bless you.


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