Best & Taylor Intel Update For 8-14-2019 – War, Markets & Whatever

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Dow Down, Gold Up, China Moves, Bible Codes, Mass Chaos & The New World Order


There is a veil OVER YOUR MIND. It is invisible but it blinds you to your true reality and makes you a PRISONER OF THE MATRIX. The Overlord is REAL and your destruction is the goal. Do you know why?


The Matrix controllers are busy keeping everyone occupied with all sorts of diversions & increasing chaos so you won’t LEAVE THE MATRIX, and 95% of the people, including Christians have no real idea there is a Matrix, let along that they are prisoners in it. The fact that Jesus Christ said we are in a PRISON, with the DOOR LOCKED falls upon totally deaf ears. The fact that we are told to turn our backs upon the world (aka THE MATRIX SYSTEM) or we will NEVER LEAVE IT also falls upon deaf ears. It is an amazing thing to ¬†watch 2500 year old prophecies coming to pass with 100% accuracy, yet humanity sails on into oblivion never understanding the SPIRITUAL DARKNESS they are walking in!! On this show, China is already in Hong Kong, State Department warns China (big laugh there), Russia to invade Ukraine? Israel & Syria, and so on and on it goes and humanity learns NOTHING and must continue its suicide mission…