Best & Taylor Intel Update for 8-12-2019 – China On The Move

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

China, Hong Kong, Israel Temple, 9th of Av, Tu’B’Av, Full Moons & Rapture Someday



Major media is starting to conform the Hal Turner news leaks of a major “invasion” of Hong Kong by mainland China, and Fox News appears to have used a coded message that China PLA troops have infiltrated Hong Kong police units and are the ones provoking the riots – with Taiwan the next target – The Kings of the East will soon be on the move. Meanwhile Temple Mount troubles for Israel increase, more calls for the Third Temple, and on the 15th, Tu’B’Av and a full moon could have some real meaning for the Church as well. Then we have the Clinton Dearth Count rise possibly, or Epstein may have been reportedly killed to protect him – we may never find out. Then we have the Russian explosions at a research nuke site – and so it goes..