Best & Taylor Intel Update For 8-9-2019

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Russian Radiation, Kill the Deplorables, Revolution & America Going Down, India & Pakistan Troubles


I am not feeling well, so am only doing a 30-minute presentation tonight, had food poisoning last night. The deep state has now decided it is now or never to foment their revolution to topple the United States. The state of extreme lawlessness grows worse by the day, those that should be locked up are running free, and Washington is dying rapidly from extreme corruption. Meanwhile, it appears that Russia had a major nuke accidental explosion that spiked radiation levels. Strange NASA flights over volcanic and rift zones spark “tin-foil hat” conspiracy theories, and Congress is set to gut the Second Amendment further with so-called “red-flag laws” in a further move to “get the guns” for that has been the plan all along. The 9th of Av is just around the corner, and hopefully NOTHING HAPPENS to deepen the woes of the world and more…