Stewart & Larry’s Intel Report For 8-7-2019 – The Other Thing And This & That

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

Economy, Minority Report, Trump, India, Pakistan, North Korea, 9th of Av, Deep State…



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Well here we go, folks! Get those guns, no matter what we have to do to herd the dumbed-down American into the New World Order, that shall we do, and the Constitution be destroyed, so what? The far-left communist coup is now full steam ahead and it involves mass media, the White House, the Congress and it will involve the Supreme Court. Promises that the government will follow constitutional restraints is a bald-faced lie because they don’t pay any attention to it now!! The FBI, Homeland Security and Intel agencies have been infiltrated and compromised. The next FALSE FLAG will be a big one, a real shocker, one that will topple the tree, so to speak. Get Ready folks, you’ve been scammed, and everyone is about to find it out – too late of course!!







3 thoughts on “Stewart & Larry’s Intel Report For 8-7-2019 – The Other Thing And This & That

  1. Stewart Hey, Your last broadcast you spoke about the star signs, silver gate, Golden Gate, watch this, Many fish on YT, goes through the gematria and the Golden Gate in Israel. Awesome stuff!


  2. 1. Epstein story has been diverted.

    2. A sick movie, “The Hunt,” supposed to open in September.

    3. Zombies: I do not want to even think about people who cannot have their caffeine, let alone people hooked on stronger drugs, prescription or otherwise. And deep-state KNOWS it. They helped create it.

    Thank you for the update…God bless.

    Save now, I beseech thee, O LORD: O LORD, I beseech thee, send now prosperity. (Ps 118:25)


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