Stewart & Larry Intel Update 8-5-2019 – Matrix Trouble

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

Trump, Guns, Mental Health, Involuntary Confinement, UN, 7277 Clampdown



President Trump gives America a coded message of the coming lockdown on gun ownership and Deep State’s preoccupation with “mental health issues”, the same playbook used in the former Soviet Union. Then we have what appears to be a coming “war everywhere” in the very short-term future in the India/Pakistan area, with warnings to prepare for nuclear conflict given to the citizens. Remember that ancient prophecy stated that the hot part of WW3 would begin in an area not thought about – and said it would be India/Pakistan and go nuclear, and it would begin to spread and nations resort to nukes to settle their differences – folks, this is the final phase or LAST DAYS of the PRISON MATRIX all of humanity is locked in. Jesus gave us the way out, and even the vast majority of Christians MOCK THE ONLY WAY OUT, and SPEAK EVIL OF THE WAY, just as Peter said they would. YOU HAVE LITTLE TIME.










1 thought on “Stewart & Larry Intel Update 8-5-2019 – Matrix Trouble

  1. That is what happened to the true gospel: infringement. Nibble, nibble.

    The way of lying in the land of the lie. Double-trouble.

    Thank you for the update…God bless you all.


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