Stewart & Larry – 8-2-2019 – This, That & The Other Thing

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

Within The Matrix, Trouble and More Troubles, War, Scams & Delusions


So here we are, folks, August already and no one knows where the time goes, but it appears to be going faster and faster as we travel towards OMEGA POINT. Meanwhile, “As The Matrix Turns”, the new entertainment reality show just for the masses & prisoners of the Matrix, we learn just how the elite have laws for us, but none for them. We learn how America-Babylon is under a CODE RED emergency as Deep State moves to eradicate those who oppose them, and on and on it goes, and where it stops, no one knows, well, the Lord knows. Earth Changes are being censored because, after all, the masses of the planet need not know or understand that the dark clouds rolling in may alter their lives just a wee bit – well, folks it all part of the Matrix which in itself is a deception and a delusion. Chin up, perhaps the curtain will be rolled back one day for all to see the REAL TRUTH, but then again, perhaps a BIT LATE FOR MOST.