Have you ever wondered about why humanity has so many, many “issues” when it comes to the mind/soul matrix and the feelings and emotions we all have?

Has anyone on Earth ever considered that the real culprit of all of our “troubles”, now called “issues” or “problems” or “dilemmas” everyone faces are not “normal”, but rather are an aberration of anomaly of some type?  And what is the real culprit behind all of this?

Let’s just make a list of those things that are common to all of humanity, no matter where they live on the planet and no matter what type of government, religion or philosophy they live under. Those “issues”  we all at have at one time or another:

  1. Feel sad, cry or weep.
  2. Feel depressed or actually suffer from depressions, some very severe.
  3. Constant Worry, or Fret.
  4. Anger, frustration, annoyance.
  5. Have bad feelings or bad relationships we don’t like to be in.
  6. Have a bad marriage, bad boss, bad relatives, friendships that go bad.
  7. Always blame others but never ourselves for shortcomings or the reverse, where we constantly accuse ourselves and focus on our shortcomings, our “sins” and bad things we have done – called “conscience”.
  8. Worry about jobs, money, and other people or events.
  9. Fears of many types of things.
  10. Great stress of over job performance, money and other things
  11. Have bad dreams or night terrors
  12. The need to hide things or have “secrets” we want no one else to know about or find out about because we feel guilty or want approval from others.
  13. The proclivity towards lying to others and ourselves.
  14. Fears over uncertainty, or what the future may bring.
  15.  Rage at the world, hatred of the world, the systems of the world and our place in it.
  16. Why joy & real happiness seem to be “fleeting” and “momentary” when compared to the entire time of our lives. In other words, “good times  or bad times”, the “best of times and the worst of times”.

There are many more “issues” that are interwoven with the above in a sort of tapestry of “trouble” all the days of our lives for we are “up” and then “down”, we have smooth sailing and then “problems” which we all have to wade through and attempt to solve, maybe in marriage, relationships, career, criminal attacks, laws & lawyers.

In the collective national sense we all get together and have “leaders” that have all the issues we have, but somehow they appear to have some answers, when of course, they do not, and the issues, rather than being solved, appear to get worse. Then as nations, we have collective fears of the “enemy”, that proverbial “boogey man” that is out to get us and thus we need to have huge military operations, and great weapons races to “outgun” the adversaries. Hence, we have threats, counter-threats, wars and millions die as humanity fights itself and never is able to rise above the fray to ask a simple question. WHY?

Then of course within each nation, tribe and tongue we have constant battles and fights as to how to solve problems and “collective issues that never get solved because mankind IS the issue in and of itself!  WHY?

It all goes back to Genesis even if humanity wants to totally deny it. It goes back to the reality of TWO DIRECTLY OPPOSING SPIRITUAL FORCES FIGHTING EACH OTHER IN THE MINDS OF ALL MANKIND. Does Good have any real compatibility with evil? Does love have anything to do with hate? Are these two forces not always at TOTAL WAR with the OTHER? Right here is where the rubber hits the road – the cause of all THE ISSUES.

So, the Creator looks down upon humanity and says “I told you not to eat of that Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, but you did anyway, so


All the “issues” that EVERYONE HAS to one degree or another, either individually or as a collective come back to BASELINE ZERO, to the FOUNDATION STONE OF THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL. And yet, being as obvious as it is, humanity DENIES IT.


Does not the Lord have the right to ask such a blunt question? How is this knowledge of good and evil, or love and hate working out for us? NOT GOOD.

As Jonathan Winter’s said when he could not understand why people would say “How are WE today?” Why not say “How are YOU today?” NOT GOOD.

So here we come down to the real issue facing all of us LOCKED in the Matrix. It is not working out very well.  Hence, we have threats of total nuclear world war, of murders, rapes, torture, mayhem, chaos, corruption, crimes, conspiracies, fake news, lies, delusions, deceptions, spy networks, and no one trusts anyone anymore.  


This so-called knowledge of good and evil is considered a myth, just a story. What if it isn’t a story at all? What IF it is the true reality behind the MATRIX LOCKDOWN? What if the OVERLORD really is SATAN? What IF humanity really is IN A PRISON HOUSE BECAUSE OF IT? What if this myth of the knowledge of good and evil CAUSED THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE TO BE IN LOCKDOWN?


Go back to the OLD WAYS. GO BACK TO THE FOUNDATIONS. Reconnect with the OLD TRUTHS.

If I take a bucket of WHITE PAINT and it represents the KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND LOVE, and I take a bucket of BLACK PAINT, that represents EVIL and HATE, and I mix them together, what do I have? GREY PAINT, neither totally Good or TOTALLY EVIL, but BOTH GOOD AND EVIL AND PRESENT IN THAT MIXTURE WHICH ENABLE US TO DO VERY GOOD THINGS OR VERY HORRIFIC THINGS.


And yet, like Jonathon Winters story about a teacher trying to teach addition says, “If I give you four apples, and then give you two more, how many apples do you have?” Jonathon replies, “Too many to fit in my lunchbox.”  That is the answer of humanity to its Creator. A smart mouthed answer, that avoids the real answer. DENIAL. CONSTANT TOTAL DENIAL of the problem.

TWO OPPOSING VERY POWERFUL SPIRITUAL FORCES always at war with each other, all within the same MIND and SOUL, individually and collectively. The result should be OBVIOUS TO ALL OF HUMANITY. “UNSOLVABLE ISSUES.”

So why can’t we see the obvious? The short answer is THE VEIL blinds us to it. We are born into a LIE, grow up in THE LIE, and live our lives in THE LIE. Any real truth is then considered A LIE, AND WILL BE REJECTED.

How do you solve any problem if you don’t know what question to ASK? And if you are in DENIAL, why would anyone bother to ask?  


Have you not noticed how our “leaders” are always looking to solve “issues” or “problems”? Ever wonder why they never really get solved? Why solving one issue brings another issue and so on? EVER WONDER WHY? Because humanity is a GREAT ISSUE IN AND OF HIMSELF. He cannot change himself; he is what he is. A FALLEN CREATURE, A SELF-DESTRUCTING BEING that is SPIRITUALLY DEAD. All but abandoned by the Creator, CUT OFF, with a huge invisible veil over his mind, totally unable to comprehend his status or his real reality or FACE his real problem. THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL, OF LOVE AND HATE. It is that simple; that blunt.

In the movie “Contact” with Jodi Foster near the end when she meets the alien disguised as her father, the alien says of humanity that we are a most interesting species, capable of the greatest acts of love and of horrific evil. It says it all. ISSUES. Two opposing forces forced together. Hence SPIRITUAL DEATH, CUTOFF, SEPARATION FROM THE CREATOR. Humanity at constant war with itself, unable to see beyond his own nose, unable to admit and therefore recognize the problem, for if they did, they would understand what Jesus Christ did, why he commanded what He commanded, and be redeemed!


So, the Creator has a dilemma. How do I fix it? How do I rescue humanity? As He was the one who put that tree in the Garden and He foreknew that humanity would eat of it and fall because if it, He decides HE HIMSELF must come into our dimension of time and space as a REDEEMER, under an ancient law called KINSMAN-REDEEMER LAW. He must come as a human, but He must somehow BYPASS the knowledge of GOOD and EVIL. Hence the virgin birth, bypassing thr male sperm that carries that knowledge. He must come behind enemy lines, bring the message of THE MATRIX LOCKDOWN, of the PRISON HOUSE, SHOW US THE WAY OUT, and pay the penalty that humanity must pay UNDER THE LAW.

Who will believe? Further, who will OBEY? Who will seek out the Creator and FIND HIM? DID NOT JESUS COMMAND US TO SEEK, KNOCK, ASK, CONTINUE, STRIVE, LABOR? There must have been a reason and that reason is we are glued to this Matrix, do not want to leave it, for it is all we know. But leave it we must via the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY. There is no other way given. It is what it is, take it or leave it, your choice.

So, we need only ONE REDEEMER. He MUST BE the CREATOR because He created humanity. There are those who believe it and do as told, and those that do not. Those that do NOT ENTER IN remain forever in the Matrix. Those that OBEY and who ENTER IN, ESCAPE THE MATRIX.