Best & Taylor Flash Intel Report – Going Hot With Iran?

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

Trump, Drone Attack, Act of War As USA Moves To Free Oil Tanker?\2018-01-12_11-19-28

Iran attacks a USA Navy Ship and is shot Down – Trump says we will respond to this violation that occurred in international waters – reports of 2000 US Troops possibly on the way to free the oil tanker that Iran admits it captured and will keep – Israel also on high alert as this latest incident now appears to be headed to a major confrontation even on Iranian soil as US troops would have to go ashore to free the tanker. Iran will of course defend their position and a hot war could result – events appear to be in line with a possible timeline between now and the 9th of Av on August 10/11th and Tu’B’Av at the full moon. Are we about to enter the Time of Jacob’s Trouble?