Best & Taylor Intel Update For 7-17-2019 – 8:00 PM, Signs Of the End Accelerating

Tonight On Night Shadows 8:00 PM CT

Trump Wars, Communist Coup, Arrival, Mothman & World Implosion



When one looks all over the world, we find news that indicates the entire globe is being hit with bad and erratic weather and warnings of a coming collapse of agriculture – and the resulting famine. More and more articles are showing up warning of food shortages and famine. Then in America the communist coup is now right out in the open, lead by the so-called gang of four – meanwhile our borders are wide open and no one does anything about it – employment is down, not up, and the liars and manipulators skew the numbers more and more as the global economic crash nears. UFO sightings on the increase, and new findings show the Hopi knew all about Mothman sightings, more earthquakes in the Oregon and Washington area portend trouble and more…


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