Best & Taylor News Hour For 7-12-2019 – The Arrival, Earth Changes & More…

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT2017-12-17_9-07-49


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The Strong Delusion, UFO’s, Matrix, Overlords, Earth Changes, Arrival and More…


Movies abound from Hollywood that are acclimating humanity to the fact that “we are not alone”, and that sooner or later an arrival will happen. These aliens, it is claimed, are our creators, and they will be back to see which souls are fit to ASCEND to the next evolutionary jump, and the rest will have to be liquidated because they are holding back the evolutionary process. Thus humanity can ascend ever upwards and take their place in the intergalactic civilizations out there. The concept of “evolution” has now been accepted as total fact, and any opinions to the contrary are idiotic. As the time of this arrival draws closer, it seems that earth is undergoing serious birth pangs. the nations are uneasy, war drums are beating, and mighty Babylon is being invaded for her take-down, and more…








1 thought on “Best & Taylor News Hour For 7-12-2019 – The Arrival, Earth Changes & More…

  1. Remember Larry had that “black goo” incident prior to moving!

    Von Braun also said asteroid scares just before the fake aliens. All kinds of asteroid stories coming out now, including (supposedly) Japan landing on one.

    All the waters and floods are reminding of a pregnant (“travailing”) woman’s waters’ breaking…and then there are the stressed locks and dams ($50 bill).

    Thanks for speaking the truth. God bless!


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