Best & Taylor Intel Update For 7-7-2019 – Earth Changes Warning

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

More Warnings, More Quakes & Earth Changes Accelerating


For years scientists have warned the people on the West Coast to be alert for the BIG ONE, and folks like Major Ed Dames, the remote viewer known as Dr. Doom has told people to move away from all coastal regions because of major earth upheavals both on the land and under the sea. Prophetic visions by the hundreds have been warning of the very same thing – but no one seems to know exactly how all of this will begin or has it with the swarms of quakes in California around a volcanic area. New data seems to indicate that where these quakes are located could trigger a whole series of fault movement that would be a mega disaster for LA and other coastal areas and is this tectonic warfare or a natural event? And more…







3 thoughts on “Best & Taylor Intel Update For 7-7-2019 – Earth Changes Warning

  1. Hey Stew, on the Russian sub fiasco, listen and watch marfoogles news on YouTube, called avoided planetary catastrophy . If anyone can dig out the truth its you.


  2. I never heard the “reconciliation to/from” until I read the Dark/Light Series and then started reading my Bible for myself.

    The church eliminating the reconciliation “two-way street” (making it a single event) reminds me of how the church combines “conversion” with “regeneration,” and calls it a single event.

    It makes sense that the church does this because they HAVE TO in order for the false, EZ salvation theologies to “work.”

    We just do not want to take up our own cross and disconnect from this world. It takes the strait gate and narrow way to show us how truly attached we are to the world. For me, I feel like I am plugged-in via a hidden, spiritual umbilical cord, that constantly feeds me poison.

    Perhaps why: It shall be health to thy navel, and marrow to thy bones. (Prov 3:8)

    Looking for that blessed hope…

    Thank you for the update. God bless!

    The Dark/Light Series (PDF) (1Cor 13:12):

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  3. For years YOU have been warning folks that the BIG ONE was already here (the BIG LIE of the modern faith movement’s False Gospel), that the BIG DELUSION was coming, that it would catch the sleeping masses off guard. You have repeated the numerous warnings found in scripture and pleaded with Christians to WAKE UP! The ‘many’ have refused the counsel of The Lord, they’ve closed their ears/eyes, calling themselves wise but becoming ever more foolish. We may not know the hour, but the time and season is obvious to anyone watching. The Lord doesn’t lie, though he tarry, he will come as promised. Thank you for your commitment to this little flock and for sharing your knowledge using sound scriptural proof to back up your message. Oh how I wish more would wake up, see their error, and repent while there may still be a “way” out. We, who love TRUTH, know the hour is late; so we watch, we wait, and we pray always, to be found worthy to escape the terrors rapidly approaching.

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