Best & Taylor Intel Update For 7-7-2019 – Earth Changes Warning

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

More Warnings, More Quakes & Earth Changes Accelerating


For years scientists have warned the people on the West Coast to be alert for the BIG ONE, and folks like Major Ed Dames, the remote viewer known as Dr. Doom has told people to move away from all coastal regions because of major earth upheavals both on the land and under the sea. Prophetic visions by the hundreds have been warning of the very same thing – but no one seems to know exactly how all of this will begin or has it with the swarms of quakes in California around a volcanic area. New data seems to indicate that where these quakes are located could trigger a whole series of fault movement that would be a mega disaster for LA and other coastal areas and is this tectonic warfare or a natural event? And more…