Best & Taylor News Hour For 7-5-2019 – Earth Changes Warning & War Drums

Night Shadows Tonight at 7:00 PM CT

Earth Changes, Border Problems, War Drums, Israel, Russian Probes & More…


As Americans celebrate their so-called independence, the noose around their collective necks grows ever tighter as they willingly have given up their freedoms for “security”, and have allowed Deep State to re-educate them so that their FREEDOM is actually SLAVERY, total surveillance is “SAFETY”, and TOTAL CONTROL is for “GOOD”. As the noose tightens for the New World Order and its social credits system, the masses sell their children into a horrific NEW WORLD. Those that went to Trump’s grand display for the 4th of July, the people underwent maximum security processes that violate their persons at will, all in the name of “security” while they all celebrate their “FREEDOM”. And then we have new earthquake activity that behaves like volcanic activity as new volcanoes begin to form over America. UFO sighting are on the increase, wars and rumors of war are all around, and mankind is about to meet their STRONG DELUSION. And so it goes…














1 thought on “Best & Taylor News Hour For 7-5-2019 – Earth Changes Warning & War Drums

  1. That “reconciliation” example at the beginning of the show was EXCELLENT and most helpful. It is the truth. Thank you.

    Re: the NEW Cali 7.1 magnitude quake:

    Dutchsinse saying to watch over the next four days. If the pressure does not move east (as evidenced by earthquakes showing up in Texas, Oklahoma, and even east to Ohio/Virginia); then a new mid-7 magnitude earthquake is possible in California between the 7.1 location and the San Francisco bay area.

    Also, FWIW, there are also at least three dams that would have felt this latest 7.1 quake: Oroville, Isabella, and Hoover.

    Seems to me that “new volcanoes” (per No Eyes) could be included in “earthquakes in divers places” ?? Volcanoes surely make the earth to quake.

    At some point “signs” and “warnings” are going to turn to “fulfillment.” Watching for the Lord’s timing. I picked up four bags of lentils recently. Just getting extras of things; a little at a time that I can afford and carry, and as the Lord leads.

    Thanks for the show (you guys were hitting on all cylinders). God bless!

    Stewart’s “Dark/Light Series” (the true salvation gospel of Jesus Christ):


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