Patti and I wanted to let everyone know that Blog Talk Radio is once again blocking the ability to listen or download the last radio show (6-7-2019), and we also got reports from people saying they could not listen either – that the show went off air right away as I got into the UFO/Arrival information.

Blog Talk is evidently being controlled by DEEP STATE and if we speak of something Global Deep States does not want you to now about they simply block you, shadow ban you or cut you out altogether – and the American people were already the most censored people on the planet having no clue they only get fake news of the MSM.

Deep State people are doing exactly what Jesus Christ said they would do, and if they cannot understand that they themselves are fulfilling a 2000 year old prophecy and are on the wrong side, well, they deserve the eternal hell-file they will get. Stupid is as stupid does, and GLOBAL DEEP STATE MUST BE VERY STUPID.




  1. Yeah, praise the Lord, back up again. Listening to it now. Great show.

    I stopped it midway because I felt prompted to post a comment about it on a Dave Hodges/LA Marzulli youtube video that was very similar in subject matter that I listened to a few days ago. I wanted to tell others about the BTR show. I thought it would be complementary to the Hodges/Marzulli video.

    BUT! No more Hodges/Marzulli video! Gone! I do not know what happened to it, but awfully strange given the hold-up of Stewart and Larry’s show…both mentioning disclosure and Blue Beam.

    Hmmm….anyway, praise the Lord that the audio is now up.


    God bless!


  2. Will we ever be able to capture that show? I am so sick of this censorship dear friends. Please don’t give up. Blessings!




  3. Interesting that youtube announced this week that it was going to censor/delete videos/accounts that it deemed “borderline,” even if a video did not break its TOS.

    Truth is the ultimate target. Banning the word of God is coming. The scripture must be fulfilled, but woe unto them.

    I pray God that BTR releases the hostaged show. Thanks for the update.


  4. Wow. Thanks for telling us what happened stewart. Is the show recorded apart from blog? Maybe u could post it on youtube which is where i normally listen. The information u were gonna present was so damaging to the enemy they couldnt let it out. I knew something had happened when i didnt see it. Maybe u can redo the show somehow and get the info out on an alternative source. I always knew Night Shadows was a very important show and this proves how important and far reaching it really is. God bless you and Larry.


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