Best & Taylor News Hour For 6-7-2019 – The Arrival & Disclosure

Tonight on Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

UFO’s, Acclimation Project, Blue Beam, Strong Delusions, Resets & More…



The disclosure of military UFO encounters is a long-awaited move that tells us the ARRIVAL is not far off, and the apex of the STRONG DELUSION is about to be unleashed around the world. Humanity has opted to embrace the lie of evolution and that the “gods” will soon return to help mankind.  The lie of evolution and the “ascent” to godhood status is so powerful that humanity will embrace it so they can travel the universe and join the intergalactic community, often portrayed in acclimation movies like Star Trek, Star Gate and others. Israel is the time clock for Earth, and UFO flaps occur as the spiritual warfare over Israel intensifies, telling us that Israel is about to enter her time of trouble. The world is primed for the arrival and will embrace these “entities” just as Revelation 12 & 13 say they will. Meanwhile, the Trump coup continues, Deep State wants WW3, America is being overrun with “aliens” and earth changes continue unabated and more…