Best & Taylor Intel Update For 6-5-2019 – Beware “D” Day

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Rebellion In D.C., Dark Days Ahead, “The Event” & Obama In The Wings


The Washington Two Party Snake Is Now Showing Its True Color

Most people, it seems, do not really believe that we live in a frequency matrix, that humanity is in total lockdown, and this matrix has an overlord, and under him are his controllers. Believe it or not, the OVERLORD also has an OVERLORD THAT WE CALL “THE KING OF KINGS AND THE LORD OF LORDS”. Jesus Christ is His name, and every knee shall eventually bow to Him and acknowledge His Kingship. For now, rebellion is in the air as Psalm Two plays out before our eyes, exactly as written 2500 years ago. What we are watching is the implosion of America, her very last days before she is taken out. Confusion and rebellion in Washington, the communists are now hell bent to bring us down, and apparent insanity reigns, even as threats of a nuclear “event” are growing stronger. The Christian Church grows ever more apostate; ever learning but unable to come to a knowledge of the truth and so it goes…


Ignore The Truth At Your Own Peril

Here is the link to purchase “Frequency” and find out the truth about the Matrix and the rank deception you live in!! The real truth is not what you think it is – PROVEN BY SCRIPTURE ALONE!