Best & Taylor News Hour For 5-24-2019 – Hanging on The Edge

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT2018-05-16_13-02-58

Deep State Coup & Counter Coup, Invasion, America Down & No Truth

America is actually hanging on the edge of total implosion. As Trump expands his investigations into the Deep State treason the danger rises of a major WAR or some other FALSE FLAG much bigger than 9-11. They can use, via technology, an economic collapse, earth changes, weather warfare, riots, revolution and such – anything to shift the focus away from the high treason that took place and is still taking place to bring America down and submerge her under the United Nations NEW WORLD ORDER. Then of course we have the very big prospects of war in the Middle East with Iran, Israel, USA, Russia. Turkey, Syria all involved. Then we have earth changes all over the world, paranormal sightings on the increase, UFO activity at an all-time high and the noose tightens on FREE SPEACH, censorship abounds, Christian persecution and life means little and so it goes…