Best & Taylor Intel Update For 5-18-2019 – Troubles Deepen

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Best & Taylor Intel Update For 5-18-2019 – Troubles Deepen

Middle East Heating Up, New Jersey Attack, Iran & Russia Warns USA, Prophecy


It is like tuning in to a soap opera “As the World Turns”, however this is real (we think) as Global Deep State turns up the heat for their long-awaited WORLD WAR to bring in the New World Order. Meanwhile, warnings are coming in from the Middle East that WW3 turns on a dime, so to speak, as anything could spark the first volley. Israel’s attacks upon Iranian assets in Syria continue, no response yet, but it looks like decisions have been made that war is now a sure thing – however, we have all been on the brink before and it remains to be seen if the Lord is now ready for the tribes of humanity to prove their fallen nature in their war follies.