Best & Taylor News Hour For 5-17-2019 – Ill Winds Blowing

Best & Taylor News Hour For 5-17-2019 – Ill Winds Blowing

Trump & Martial Law, War With Iran, FEMA Camps Activating?


If the reports coming in are true, then America is about to change from what we have all known to a Martial Law Police State from which we will never recover our freedoms granted under the Bill of Rights. Once Trump invokes the Insurrection Act of 1807, then we will have full martial law and most likely a UN takeover. It is obvious that the global elite want to stir up domestic trouble, and if Trump begins the round-up and deportation of thousands of illegals, RIOTS will then ensue, and that is all Trump needs to declare a full national emergency, invoke all FEMA executive orders and America will be changed overnight and more…



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  1. No Eyes on “new volcanoes:”

    “New active underwater volcano discovered off the coast of Mayotte responsible for intense and long-duration earthquake swarm” [May 17th, 2019]

    Dutchsinse has spoken at length about the earthquakes around Mayotte for the past couple of years. He speculated that one of the old volcanoes was coming back to life. Now the above.

    Thanks for the show…God bless.


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