Best & Taylor Intel Update For 5-15-2019 – WAR & MARTIAL LAW

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Iran, Israel, Syria, USA, Oil Shutdown, USA Martial Law Coming


The Two Headed Snake Is About To Bite You – WAKE UP!!

The war drums are beating louder, the war of words is escalating, and threats continue. Bible Code findings tell us that WAR and MARTIAL LAW are in the works and all of this is a well-planned operation to topple America and bring in the New World Order. The Protocols are being followed to the exact letter, and the deceptions/delusions are growing rapidly. Who is the real target in America? Read Psalm Two. The American people are about to be fleeced out of their nation as they have known it, and once martial law is introduced, regardless of the excuse for it, we will never get our freedoms back, even though we will be told this martial law is only a temporary thing. We are closer than ever to this take-down and more earth changes…







1 thought on “Best & Taylor Intel Update For 5-15-2019 – WAR & MARTIAL LAW

  1. Preach it. Praise the Lord. God bless.

    Oroville Dam is getting interesting, especially with rain (manipulated?) happening now.

    At the time of this Comment, the reservoir level is 889-890 feet, and rising slowly.

    It tops out, and spills over, at 900-901 feet. So, about 12 feet to go.

    Butte County Sheriff at Oroville Dam Ahead of Storm [only 2:42 long]:
    Published on May 15, 2019

    More information:

    Watch live cams, and sometimes some interesting chat (including what would happen to CA–and the entire country–if this dam were to fail):

    Official California Water website showing hourly updates of levels and incoming/outgoing water flows.

    At time time of this Comment, INCOMING=17,296; and, OUTGOING=9,618. Do the math:

    CA water people are withholding opening any spillways at the time of this Comment and seem to be holding things close to the vest, causing much speculation. Accusations of fear-mongering also abound. God knows what is the truth.

    It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man. (Ps 118:8)


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